Keepmoat becomes Engie

Keepmoat Regeneration, the company who carry out repairs on our homes was sold to ENGIE, a leading energy and services provider in April last year. As a result of this, the company name will soon be changing to ENGIE, with the Keepmoat Regeneration brand ceasing to exist from 31st March 2018.
The transition to ENGIE will take place over the next three months, with the aim to complete this process as quickly as possible in order to avoid any confusion, however, during this time, you may still see some employees displaying the Keepmoat logo. Uniform, identification cards and vehicle livery will be changed from Keepmoat to ENGIE.
If you are ever concerned about a visitor to your home who claims to represent ENGIE or Keepmoat, please call Leeds Federated Housing Association’s contact centre on 0113 386 1000.
Please be assured that you will not experience any changes to your repairs and maintenance service during this period.