Homes for sale

We have got a great selection of properties for sale under our Shared Ownership scheme. With Shared Ownership you buy a share of the property (starting from 25%) and pay rent on the rest. This is a great low cost way to get on the housing ladder. To find out mroe about how it works, see our Shared Ownership Guide.

You can also click on the links below to see the homes for sale:

Harrogate: Three new 2-bedroom homes for sale on the Dalesway development on Skipton Road. £110,000 for a 50% share. More details

Morley: Two new 3-bed homes at Bluebell Gardens in Morley. £87,500 for a 50% share. More details

Pudsey: Two bedroom apartment in Edward Close LS27. £65,000 for a 50% share. More details

Horbury, Wakefield: Three bedroom property at Benton park. £50,000 for a 25% share. More details

For more infomation about Shared Ownership, see the guide below:

Guide to Shared Ownership (pdf)