52 week rents start on 1 April

18 Jan 2019
From April 1, all rent will be charged over 52 weeks. This is a change for some customers who previously were charged over 48 weeks with ‘rent free’ weeks. Here is an overview of the change.

No such thing as a rent free week
If you previously paid over 48 weeks, you had four ‘rent free’ weeks each year. This means that overall you still paid for 52 weeks, but your payments were split over 48 weeks. Moving to 52 week charging means your payments are now split evenly over the year. Your weekly rent amount will be lower which makes it easier to budget.

Better for Universal Credit
Moving to 52 week charging fits better with Universal Credit claims which are paid monthly. Your rent payments will be split evenly across each week of the year so the amount of rent due will remain the same for each monthly claim period. This avoids the need for your benefit payment to be adjusted.

Next steps
You will receive a rent change letter stating the weekly rent amount due from 1 April. 

Housing Benefit - If you currently receive Housing Benefit you must notify your local council of the change to your rent. If you do not, you may not receive the correct amount of benefit and you will have to pay any shortfall yourself.
Universal Credit  - If you receive Universal Credit you must notify the Department of Works and Pensions of the change in your rent as this will affect your Housing Cost Element. This may leave a shortfall which you will have to make up yourself.
Your payments -  If you currently pay by standing order, please remember to contact your bank to change the payment amount. If you pay by Direct Debit we will amend it to the new amount and you will receive confirmation of this from Allpay.